#2 Gift: Bathing Beauty

Chris Christensen Grooming Systems

Corgis have the most extraordinary coats - not one, but two of them! Ah, but this you know already! 

To keep those corgi whites sparkling, those corgi reds and sables glowing, and all those small fine under-hairs static-free, check out Chris Christensen's vast collection of grooming supplies. You'll find everything from combs & brushes to shampoos, thickeners & conditioners. 

The White on White Shampoo - which is purple - brightens all colors, especially white, and will clean even the dingiest of corgi socks. Just before the final rinse, use After Bath to de-tangle the coat and make combing-out a pleasure for everyone.

The Buttertooth Comb, with its mix of fine/coarse teeth, is ideal for that corgi double coat. Your first pass is with the coarse teeth, so that your second comb-out, with the fine teeth, is easy and smooth: no pulling on corgi hair or tender corgi skin!