Thursday, February 21, 2013

Corgi Doodles

Perception is everything,
some people say...
and others,
it all depends upon one's point of view.


I was making a corgi-doodle today
(one of my favourite things to do!)
which required some painting while upside-down
and I thought it looked quite good:

But imagine my surprise when I righted myself
and discovered that I had not painted
I had painted

More precisely, I had painted 
sel poop.
Oh dear.

After I stopped laughing
(sometime before the tears had dried
but while my tummy was still hurting from shaking so hard)
I thought to myself,
So I did.

But, when I once again righted myself,
I saw that this was dreadful, too. 
Do you see a
DODO anywhere?

I dropped the paintbrush in a tizzy
and stomped around a bit here,
and fumed a while over there,
and then by mistake I stepped in the paint
and tracked it right through the doodle!

My paws now covered in wet green paint,
I hurrumphed 
and I steamed 
and then I sat down 
and I stewed for a spell.
But when I opened my eyes,
darned if 
we hadn't somehow
gotten it
just right.

I wonder if this may mean that sometimes
when we find ourselves in the midst of a mess,
a little change in perspective
could be very helpful.